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St Berdoodle Testimonial

“Boston is now 30 pounds. Getting big. He is extremely smart. He rings the bell when he needs to go to bathroom. He is completely house trained. Can sit-stay-lay down-roll over and place. He is such a wonderful mild -mannered dog.”

“ He is the best dog I’ve ever had. He has such a mild temper. My eight year old just lays on him most of the time. He is her homework desk. He rarely barks. Since taking him home he has only had five accidents in the house. That’s including housebreaking. The last being 8 months ago. He doesn’t chew up anything. He knows how to open doors and turn on/off lights when entering or leaving a room. He can open locked baby gates. (We didn’t teach him he figured that out on his own). He doesn’t pull when we walk him. But he can and does eat! He has only been home trained and we are considering taking him for service dog training. He has been evaluated and determined to be a great candidate. DNA testing turned out NO genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia. And everywhere he goes people want him. Although he is so big everyone says he is the easiest dog to groom. He is absolutely the PERFECT BIG LAZY DOG!”

“ She’s a quick learner…already no more accidents in her crate and doing great with house breaking.”

“ Sadie is doing great! She does not shed much at all. Brushing her fully I have to clean the brush out no more than twice. She is 81 pounds of pure muscle. She has the sweetest temperament and always wants to please. She can jump onto a 3 foot wall but will stay in a contained area indoors and not jump out (bedtime routine) although she could easily get out. She loves kids and other animals, she did catch a bird the other day and offered it to me but didn’t kill it. When I told her thank you let let him go, she released it and it flew away—so very gentle mouth as well.”

“She is just so sweet. Loves everyone we meet, never barks at people or dogs. Always wants to cuddle like a lap dog”
“Sweetest most love able dog I’ve ever had. Just needs a lot of attention lol. Great with the kids, I never have to worry about her with any stranger.”

“We have had a giant breed dog for a long time. Our addiction started with a Great Dane/mastiff mix. Then to a purebred great Dane who had issues and issues and passed away too young. He had lymphoma and a round of chemo gave him a quality year and a half extra. Then on to our Bella, she is 3/4 English mastiff and 1/4 lab. She is 9 now, and helping us raise our Dood, Bentley. We have always had the older one help raise the next, it makes an amazing difference! I have to say, with our large breed experience, we have never been so impressed as we are with Bentley. He is so smart and loving, and the lack of shedding makes him and the breed so enjoyable. He is almost smart to a fault, with us having to be very careful to keep him occupied. Given a small amount of boredom he will “find something to do”, usually ending in a lesson and more toys. He is really good at digging, and his favorite flavor of wood seems to be cedar. We love him more than we could’ve ever guessed, and will be sticking with this breed as we move forward. Your help and support, along with the effort you put in to get him to us, was incredible. I am happy to recommend you as a valuable resource for the breed.”

“Ollie has been the best addition to our family!! He is wonderful and we take him everywhere with us. He’s very smart and catches on really quickly. He just puts everyone in a better mood. We brought him to Thanksgiving dinner where there was 12 other dogs and he was such a superstar!! We love him so much!! he’s getting big, gained 14 pounds last month and couldn’t be healthier!”

“ He absolutely loves the snow and good thing because we have plenty of it. He still continues to be an amazing dog in the best addition to our family! Wish you all the best”

“Molly is loving having my grandkids around!  Thank you again we love her so much!”

“ Molly’s vet always raves about the condition she is in. Said she come from great lines.“

“Our girl is very quick to follow directions. She is super calm for a puppy to which has been great!”

“ She is super laid-back and wants to greet anyone and everyone. Chasing bowl and tug-of-war or her favorite things to play. She looks like a gazelle when she runs. It’s the most beautiful run I’ve ever seen on a dog. She walks like a show dog.”

“Jay has been amazing with the baby! The two are best friends. He is exactly the dog that I was looking for!”

“ He is a year old now, weighs over 100 pounds and still plays like a puppy, but he is so gentle with my toddler!”

“I just wanted to send you an update. I am so happy with Jay! He is exactly what I was looking for in a puppy/dog. He is so smart! He already stays with us in the yard, and comes when I call him (we have 5 acres). I don’t have to tie him up. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house for over a week, even at night. And he is extremely tolerant of my one year old! She can pull on his tail and his ears or take his bone away and he’s never growled at her. They get along really well. I think he is very happy with us and we love him, so thank you.”

Thank you for being so helpful!“

“ We definitely chose the right person to buy through!”

“Your testimonies are so heartwarming:)”

“ Phil has been amazing! He’s been alive 9 weeks and he’s already almost potty trained! He can sit by the door and can tell us when he needs to go out. He’s been here for 6 days and is way better than we ever expected! Thank you so much for our amazing little Phil!”

“ Kassie had two accidents early on, but we always take her out the same door. Was every half hour, but now we are up to an hour…hour and a half. She sleeps through the night so that’s huge! She seems to like her crate so we are going with that at night….One week house trained. I’ll take that!!”

“ We are just in love with this dog. He is a regular member of our family now. He is up to 90 lbs and growing. His favorite thing is eating Blake’s shoes. ?”

“We still are crazy about our boy!”

In June of 2019, I adopted Amity (now Edna). She has been Amazing! Such sweetness, full of so much energy and love. I always say she never meets a stranger, she loves every human or animal she comes in contact with. Edna always knows when I need a snuggle, or need to be sidetracked from the common stresses of life. Edna has been such a blessing to my life and I am so thankful for HVF and Caitlin. Edna came into my life after I experience a tremendous loss and was recently relocated to Fort Knox (Army) and struggled to just wake up every morning. After getting Edna, mornings became the best part of my day. It is amazing how things work out and how I stumbled across a cute photo of a cute puppy and decided to inquire about her.

Thank you, HVF for taking such good care of her until we found each other.

“OH MY GOODNESS HE IS AMAZING!!! He’s the greatest! He’s over 100 pounds now and we couldn’t be more excited! He’s  A BIG BOY lol”

Golden Retriever Testimonials

My name is Milton and a bought a male Golden Retriever pup (The one with the white paws) from you about one year and a half ago. Just wanted to tell you that my dog is going through the TSAW service dog training and the trainer is amazed at the blood line that my dog has, as she has seen that the dog is fast at learning all the service dog commands expected of him. I don’t know if you remember, but I am a combat Disabled Veteran, and my dog is already using his body to shield me when I have a PTSD attack, Simba (my service dog) reminds me to take my medicine, finds my car keys for me when I loose my memory, warns me when I’m about to have an anxiety attack, and because of him I have been able to have somewhat of a normal life. The dog I bought from you has been the best dog I have ever had in my life, thank you for such good quality Golden Retrievers. The TSAW program Trainer knows that the dogs you sell were destined to be service dogs, based on her observation of how quick Simba learns new commands.

The TSAW program is free for Combat Veterans who are 90% and up disabled. This are Veterans that have severe Combat disabilities. There is a Veteran in our group that had not been able to go to any parking lot in fifteen years, because he got injured in Iraq and was left for dead among hundreds of dead bodies, he had to walk fifteen miles to find safety in a military base. As for me I was a pilot in Special Operations, and I almost lost my life in a helicopter crash, because we got hit by an RPG, by the grace of God I had to land my helicopter on top of a bunch of tires, pallets, and mattresses to save myself along with nine other souls. I just want you to know that there isn’t a day that I don’t thank the Lord for the good quality dog that I bought from you.

I wanted to ask you if you had any more puppies for sale? I want other Combat Disabled Veterans to have a chance of improving their quality of life by having a companion that will make a good service dog, as the service dog training is very demanding and it is hard to find dogs that are meant to be service dogs. If you have a litter that we can work a good deal, I would like to donate what ever dog you have available to the TSAW program, as I know that it will help a veteran who like me has seen too much in this life. please, let me know when you will have a litter available again?

Shepsky Testimonials

He’s our bestfriend and loves the beach and snow!

Throwing our name on your waiting list – we have a past pup from one of your litters, Trek! Not sure if you remember him! But he is absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be happier! If you have have St. Bernard puppies again we would love to see those babies as well! Thank you so much.

He’s the best! Best dog I’ve ever had.  🙂

Had you started potty training already with the pups? Just curious because he hasn’t had any accidents since we picked him up!! Not used to that! Lol he has gone potty within 5 minutes of me bringing him outside each time!  What a very smart boy he is!

He’s the most precious thing ever… so smart!

“Shepherd and husky… 2 crazy energy breeds! Taught her how to retrieve squirrels! Buttt she has a hard time bringing them back to me immediately. She wants to play with them which is just puppy stuff. All of our dogs fetch squirrels so it was easy to teach her and get her used to it. She learns twice as fast when she can see another dog do something. Also, she watches TV.  It’s really weird. She loves watching movies with live animals in it haha. So funny to watch her react to things. She’s also great around kids and other dogs.”

“ She’s like a kid honestly. She has become a lot more outspoken for sure hahaha   When she wants something she’ll let you know.”

“She did learn to turn off the lights! When I say, “alright, cmon, lights” and snap my fingers, she gets so excited and runs over to the lights and flips it down. ”

NOTE FROM HVF: (this lady has also trained her girl to use a series of different bark commands so she can communicate certain things to her owner)

“Rotten. Stubborn.Spoiled. And absolutely makes me smile…. Beautiful little beasty.”

“We were definitely blessed to find you when we did. She helped heal a big hole our other puppy left…then dug several more in our yard! LOL We have her in obedience class, and the instructor keeps asking why she is there… she already knows most of the commands. She is easy to train as long as you can keep her attention. That is easier said than done.”