Welcome to Our Farm

We are a small, family owned farm with our main job being the cattle, our main hobby the horses, and our main companions the dogs. In 2016 our breeding journey began when we decided to let each of our three oldest children breed their AKC registered pets (a Saint Bernard, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever) so they could have some extra money. Our oldest has since moved on to become an RN and our youngest of the three decided quickly it wasn’t for him. Our middle daughter, Caitlin, didn’t feel like college was for her and was struggling to find direction for what to do after high school. I instructed her to find what her passion was and go from there.

Since a small child she’s always loved large dogs

(hers was the St. Bernard), thus…the permanent addition to Happy Valley Farms began.

The best part of the story is another permanent addition, who loves to play with the puppies, ensuring that they leave very well socialized!